New Hart Services, Inc.


New-Hart Services, Inc. specializes in transformer repair, painting, and insulator cleaning / coating in high voltage  substations. Our primary customers are utilities, refineries, chemical plants, steel mills, mining operations and power generation facilities.

We have the resources, experience, and the latest technology in protective coatings to ensure long term protection for your substation equipment. We  utilize state of the art equipment in the cleaning and coating of high voltage insulators and bushings insuring your continued uninterrupted power supply, production, reliability and safety. Our 15-plus years of specialization includes the completion of hundreds of turnkey projects from painting, metal repairs and leak repairs on small pad mounted transformers to 1000 MVA+ Transformers, breakers, switchgear and  substation buildings.  Our reputation for quality service, efficiency and safety is unsurpassed by any in the industry. If you're looking to control substation corrosion, improve the reliability of your electrical equipment and system, New-Hart Services will do the job right, cost effectively and complete the work safely.